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From our kitchen to yours, only traditional delicacies for you

- Thank you for your Preference  -

Save a lot of money and time with our Adobos, marinades, avocado pulp without additives or preservatives ready for a delicious guacamole, condiments, dehydrated sauces, spices, micheladas, and much more!... all our products are 100% Mexican made in the USA.

Prepare your own products such as: Birria de Res, Chorizo, stewed pork, marinated chicken, meat al pastor, curds of beef, seafood, etc,
 Our products ''made in house'' are Easy to Prepare You Just Choose the Type of Your Favorite Meat...Add one of our Marinades to Your Favorite Meat, and Cook on a Slow Heat, or as instructions, Until Fully Cooked

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With our marinade, you can prepare your own Mexican chorizo and save a lot of money for your business and for your home! demand our products in all self-service stores, butcher shops, and convenience stores.

With our ADOBO prepare your top for those delicious ''taquitos al pastor'' in your restaurant, don’t waste your time preparing chilies and spices to make your adobo, our products are finger-licking authentic flavor 100% Mexican, save a lot of money and time! demand our products in all self-service stores, butcher shops, and convenience stores.

At FARMFUL Products we offer  a varied selection of marinades made to measure, ready to be mixed for: BIRRIA, PASTOR, ADOBO so you can make your own MEXICAN CHORIZO, and MANY MORE PRODUCTS! that in a few minutes you make your own products, our Adobos, already have the 100% typical flavor of our beloved Mexico! just add the marinade to the cacarne for the product you need,  and voila!



With our ADOBO you can prepare a delicious BIRRIA in a few minutes, Don’t have to wait 1 hour and a half or more... See the instructions on the labels on the back of each container with suggestions on how to make your BIRRIA so fast!

Demand our products in all  self-service stores, butchers, and convenience stores.

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