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From our kitchen to yours only  traditional delights  for TI

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We are a Company  that has arrived to solve the big problems in your Restaurants due to lack of personnel  but don't worry anymore!... and above all we have the products that They will speed up your production with almost no personnel, we already have the solution for you!  our excellent products  consist of  6 different marinades of 20 lbs.   Birrias, pastor meat, sausages, barbecues, chipotle marinade, special marinade for everything, we also offer you boneless avocado pulp, ready to prepare your delicious and traditional guacamole, without preservatives, totally natural,  dry marinades, dehydrated sauces, and much more,  We supply our products to restaurants, butchers, convenience stores, supermarkets, and of course order online, we we send it to you immediately.

We don’t have any products to show here right now.

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